Sunday, September 30, 2012

Art dump.

Hey, so I designed my team's championship shirt this year!
8/25/12. Yes, it is supposed to look like the Slayer logo... We even played Raining Blood during our intro. We won, btw. :) Undefeated this season. Not a bad roller derby rookie season.
SO on to the next drawing that I meant to have done by the Brawlers fundraiser... (I only missed it by a couple of months)
9/23/12. I finally finished!
Now the rest of the updates are terrible pics, usually instagram'd, of my art because I don't have a scanner.
9/26/12. I printed and framed a bunch of art for a fundraiser. I like how all my drawings face the same way. Woops.
9/30/12. What!? Colored with prisma markers! 
 9/30/12. Quick doodle. Took about an hour or so.
9/30/12. Doodled this at practice... I ran a triathlon this morning and am achey so I didn't skate.
That's all for now.