Friday, May 9, 2014

December 2013 - Present

Yikes. I always feel so guilty about updating this blog. I never have anything FINISHED to show. :( Unfortunately I haven't been doing much drawing. I'm doing a ton of stuff at work but that's not stuff I have access to. 
For example!

I used a template design program. It's okay. I mean, it's quick and easy, and perfect for things like senior portraits or engagement photos. This was for my coworker. 

2013-12. Redoing my logo.I've never been terribly fond of Illustrator, but I'm trying to get more comfortable with it. 

With that said... I've also redone my website. You knoow, just in case someone is looking.

I've been doing a few photo books in my spare time instead of drawing. 

I went with a vendor we use at work and have had issues with, but I really like the quality of thier books so I ordered through them anyway. Unfortunately it arrived with some strange ink smears. At least they replaced it for free, so I was able to give my friends an extra copy.

2014-01. I made a book for my sister-in-law as a thank you gift for being so helpful during my wedding. It was my first time using this vendor and I actually had a hard time finding out the dimensions. I designed it as a square book but that's not really how it printed.  Other than that though, I was pleased with how it turned out.

I feel like I should redo it. I just can't afford it at the moment. 

2014-02. I finally got around to making a photobook of the photobooth pictures from the wedding.

 This was a different vendor than the one I used for my SIL's book. I really liked the quality.

Sirenacha shirts. I partially designed this for my roller derby team's fundraiser.

So my honeymoon book...

This is actually the copy I got for my parents from Shutterfly. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their layflat books! 
This is my version. You can't tell the different from the photos, but both copies are lovely. 

A commission I'm still working on. I got a new computer and tablet!

I made some awards for my teammates. Although I shouldn't have taken it personally, I was a little butthurt when not every person on the team wanted to participate in this...

2014-05. My OWN wedding book is finally in the works. I have some things I need to scan but I've already made a lot of progress on it.

I'm sure you've noticed I'm one of those people who takes pictures of their computer screens to post on Instagram. It's so silly.


This is part of why it's taking me so long. Notice the little Instagram photos from my guests!

I don't know if this really counts, but I put together the order to get armbands for my team. I wanted to have our logo and the use the same font that's on the back of our jerseys. Derby Famous was so easy to work with and what a lovely product. :)

Aaand here are some other drawings.

Until next time!