Monday, February 16, 2015

May 2014 - Feb. 2015

Oh, my poor neglected blog. I know I'm a little late in the game but I'm going to try and make it my resolution to update this thing monthly. Which means I need to start drawing/creating more to make that update worth it. I think "buying a house" is a good excuse to put drawing on the back burner... I am now moved into said house and found so many old drawings and empty sketchbooks. Maybe I'll find some inspiration in those old drawings.

SO here's what I've done the past few months in no particular order. 

This was a commission by a friend for her pinup page.

 I debated on doing Christmas cards last year and decided against it. Maybe this year?

You can buy this print here.

I obviously really like the quote "Be Your Own Hero". I think I'm going to get this bottom version tattooed on me someday. 

Commission from a friend/former teammate for her fiance.

Sailor Moon Kick.

Commission that took me way too long to finish.

Commission for a friend. This was actually really fun to do. :)

I designed the Psych Ward Sirens 2014 Championships jerseys. The idea came from our coach, I just put it together. I think they turned out neat. 
We won! :) (I retired after this game...) Photo by Danny Nguyen. 

Photos by Steve Beard. I just put some graphics on them. 

I sketched on my tablet for a bit and came up with this. It's the first drawing I've done of 2015. Wah!! I know that's sad, I'll pull out a sketchbook from one of the boxes around the house.