Thursday, October 24, 2013

April 2013 - Present

I just want to start off this post by saying that the derby season is officially over. For only skating for less than a quarter of it, I have to say this year was much more stressful than last... Injury and wedding don't make me a pleasant person. But I'm excited to come back next season.

I went ahead and put this together to post on our team Facebook page. Photos by Danny Nguyen.

Now! Back to our regularly scheduled program! A backlog of the art I've managed to scribble in the past few months...It's not much. I'm hoping next year is less busy...
4-30-2013. Doodling with Sketchbook Ink. It's nice for inking but I don't do much of that these days... Maybe I can play with it more next year.

5-10-2013. I just like doodling girlies with long, flowy hair and undercuts.

06-13-2013. I'm thinking about doing commissions similar to this...Really quick sketches of derby girls...


8-01-2013. Again with the undercut...I'm so repetitive and predictable. I'm not challenging myself these days, I'm just drawing to draw.


9-10-2013. This will be our wedding cake topper. C:

9-20-2013. Yeah yeah.

10-1-2013. Someone asked for a commission!! EEk. I straight up told her that I was pretty busy and this was probably going to take some time and I hoped she was in no rush. :) I'm excited people like my art enough to want to pay me for it.

I probably won't update again until after the wedding. Well, next year is more likely. We're going to Hawaii in January for our honeymoon. Perhaps I shall doodle then.

More wedding thangs.

Wedding planning is stressful. Weddings are also REALLY expensive. I originally planned on doing a ton of DIY but I am seriously lacking the TIME as well. My knee and weight gain has been a struggle, especially as of late..STRESSING over it totally doesn't make any of it better either. Anyways, most of the details are done and I just have a few things to work out and it will be the BEST DAY EVER.

So here's something I DID manage to DIY.
Burlap flowers! Got the vases for free and just tied some twine around some burlap then glues the flowers on it.

Tah-dah! Rustic wedding centerpieces. Now to figure out flowers... I purchased some silk flowers for the bouquets but... I duno. Maybe I'll just fill the vases with water and put a little candle in it. I feel like I shouldn't mess with flowers in the vases because... Well, anyone who plays Pokemon knows that fire>Grass/plants, duh. I've been playing too much of that lately. Oops. Too nerdy. Onto the next post!