Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Art update! October 2012 - Present

Oh, hey poor little art blog. I'm sorry I've neglected you...

In fact, I've neglected ART and any sort of drawing lately in general.... Whatever I do is usually a quick sketch on my tablet, a lovely Samsung Tab Galaxy Tab 10.1 that my younger so graciously gave to me for Xmas... or I take a terrible photo of a drawing and put an ugly instagram filter on it. I don't know when I'll every have the time again, I'm guessing not until the end of the year (no, honestly, I am THAT busy and my schedule is BOOKED) but I'd like to revamp this blog so it's easier on the eyes and it's more fun to read. Hopefully that will make me more willing to update it as well...ANYWAYS. So here is what I've been up to (art wise)!
Quicky sketch. Wow, it's been a while since I've sat at a computer and drawn something like this...11-11-12.

Every now and then I'll pick up my sketchbook and inking pens and come up with something nice. I dropped my nice phone and broke it so I had to buy a used one and the camera lens is scratches, so I started to intentionally take pictures at strange angles and putting filters on them to look grungy. Kind of works, I guess.11-20-12.

Ah, yes. My first experience with the 10.1. This was at a Best Buy. I fell in love instantly. The guys working there insisted I draw things over and over again because they didn't believe I did the drawing so quickly. I recorded it and saved it for others to watch in the future.

My first tablet sketch!12-27-12.
This was slightly totally inspired by one of my badass teammates...

Tablet sketches. 1-1-13

Tablet sketches. 1-3-13.

Gender bending the Hero of Time. I intended for this to go into an art show and abandoned it...
Tablet sketch 2-13-13.

I designed our Save the Date cards as postcards. They turned out pretty cute, I think! Notice the date change from the first design...Lol. That was just the first of the many hiccups we've come across since planning this wedding. 
8-bit Heart painted on glass. What a terrible idea! I hate painting, and this wasn't the most fun project I've given myself. This was in my very first art show, Oh My Glob! at War'Hous Visual Studios in Houston on March 30th. Even though it was awful to paint, I'm so happy that it actually sold at the show!! 3-13-13.

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw. Purposely taken at this odd angle so you can't tell how badly I messed up her anatomy lol. 3-16-13.
Adventure Time art! Also in the Oh My Glob! show. I drew this 3-16-13.
I didn't take pictures of the other pieces, but these are the ones that were in the show. The heart and the middle picture both sold. :] Ego boost! People like my art enough to buy it!

Tablet sketch 3-17-13. I drew this while we took a random trip to Austin. Oh, have I mentioned I'm getting married this year??!

Testing out Autodesk Ink on my tablet. I like the inking brushes a LOT, but most of the other features, like transforming/re-sizing is more convenient and easier in sketchbook Pro. Maybe I just need to play with it more.

Sketches done on my tablet. 4-7-13.

There you go! Hopefully I won't go another 6 months before I decide to update on all my little sketches and stuff.